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Color Me Run is back to our mission to make your summer the best it can be!

Our favourite season of the year is about to start again folks!
Another amazing summer is definitely on its sharpest edge. When is the best time to start making all the time on your hand counts? What to do to make this summer, and broader speaking, this year, worth it? Well we have some uh-mazing ideas that you can consider.
Travel, travel, travel!
The saying of “work hard, eat well, and travel often” is at its truest during Summer. No summer is complete without an expedition to an unknown place (or places) to you and your loved ones. Whether it’s the white sandy beach with the breeze on your skin and waves in your fingers, or the high old mountains with hundreds of years of nurturing the lives they host, we have no doubt that you will have the time of your life. Being a stranger in a new city is a feeling like no other. So stop hesitating and book your tickets to your coolest summer trip!

Try a volunteer summer
How about spending your summer contributing to the greater good? Sounds pretty cool and yet super mindful isn’t it? Being a volunteer is going to help you gain a valuable perspective of the lives around you and the life you are leading. It does not have to be anything too extreme. Volunteering does not only mean going to really moderate areas to build the infrastructure (which is a super great way to do it, too!). It can also mean teaching children in need of primary education, or joining big events as one of the volunteering organizers. And while we’re at it, events like Color Me Run, Challenge Vietnam or Da Nang Marathon are always more than happy to welcome you to be part of our great journey. Do whatever you can, whatever is in your power, to change the things you can change and make the world more amazing for everyone. 

Joining COLOR ME RUN 2020 with your friends
And well, in case you cannot travel or do volunteering this summer, do not be bumped about it. Because, guess what guys, COLOR ME RUN IS OFFICIALLY BACK with the coolest activities that will absolutely make your Summer breeze so great it blows the Summer heat away. Be sure to bring your rock and roll (quẩy) spirit, your bold heart, and especially, YOUR FRIENDS! Think of all the exciting things you guys can do with each other in preparation for the biggest festival of the Summer. What will make you guys the best-dressed group this year? What can you do to the Color Me Run t-shirt to turn it into a one-of-a-kind piece of art? What make-up will you guys wear that would match perfectly with the super duper colorful ambiance of the event day? Just thinking of the possibilities is enough for you guys to feel the ultimate excitement, isn’t it? And that is all that you need to worry about: how to turn your friends and yourself to the coolest versions of you. You can leave the rest to Color Me Run. “The summer of the decade” is guaranteed here! So, what are you waiting for? JOIN US NOW AND MAKE THIS SUMMER COUNTS!!







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