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Color Me Run "BOLD"

How to become the most outstanding at Color Me Run 2020?

How to become the most outstanding and sparkling at Color Me Run 2020?

CMR is not simply a color festival but also a unique fashion catwalk for young people to freely express their personality and color.

Coming to Color Me Run 2020, the most awaited festival this summer, are you ready to learn all the secrets to make yourself stand out from the crowd and own the most unique and glamourous photos? Let’s find out with Color Me Run.


  • Become the queen of the party and own the most gorgeous photos? Try out make-up styles exclusively for Color Me Run!



Make-up is one of the best ways to make CMRers stand out in the crowd, fresher and more personality than the festival. One of the most trendy makeup styles in 2020 and also extremely matching with the style of Color Me Run, is to use the colors that are “Fun”, so brilliant, combined with attractive highlighting layers.




Colors like red, yellow or bright neon colors like pink and orange will surely help you appear with a radiant and beautiful appearance, not only that dark make-up layer will also make your photos more The shimmer and more special part.






To capture the spotlight in all frames literally and figuratively? Add lots of highlights and shiny accessories!



  •  Catwalk for personality hairstyles



Going along with the beautiful make-up classes is indispensable for breaking and unique hairstyles.


 Braided hair– Braided hair is one of the hottest styles, as well as always popular at festivals. This is considered one of the hairstyles suitable for all faces and can be combined with a variety of styles.


2020- Year of Horns


Wearing a cuckold’s horns would be the most embarrassed thing? That everybody else said, but Color Me Run we will say it’s gonna make you fancy and hottest!


I would love to be a cuckold if it made me look like her.


Not interesting in horns? We have a lots more!


No matter what they say, horn is still fancy, isn’t it? Tag your best friend, who has just grown a few centimeters because of horns on this post, to regain her spirit and ready to rock and roll the Color Me Run 2020.


There have been many beautiful moments of CMRers recorded through the lens of photographers. Revealing to you, this is one of the ways that you “score” with the assistant of the Color Me Run there.

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