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What to expect at Color Me Run?

Color Me Run is the coolest color festival in Vietnam, so they say. Color Me Run has the most unique participants ever, so they say. Well, truth be told, those are quite well said. Coming to Color Me Run, arm yourself with the young-wild-free spirit and expect to see…


Power throwing? No. There are many more!
Be ready for the most robust day you will have in a while! Start soft with a few get together and posing for unique photos Color Me Run photo booths, then bump it up with the one-of-a-kind activities brought to you by both Color Me Run and the sponsors. It ranges from very athletic like trampolines to very aesthetic, like facial drawing and hair braiding. Color Me Run is the place where everyone can find something for themselves, and there is no better way to get warm up for the colorful journey ahead than digging into a few of these super fun activities and fill up your energy bar by eating all the goodies sold by the most reputable brands. Move on to our 5KM journey, this is the part where you realize jogging and exercising can actually be super fun. With the five color stations along the way, be prepared to enjoy an experience like no other. And after accomplish that tiring but also very satisfying 5KM, you can recharge again with the delicious food and the laughter from taking funky and funny photos together with your “new appearance”. And then comes the star of the night people!! The music concert, crafted together by the most talented and well-known artists there are. Make sure to subscribe to us btw, so you can be the first to know our artist line-up once we announce it! Just thinking about all the fun we can have gives us chills. You feel the same guys? 


Everyone is not wearing the same shirt, even when they are
Well the rule where everyone has to wear the same T-shirt might sound frustrating at first. But they are actually not that “the same”. This is where the fun actually begin. This is where you can be as creative as you can and re-design the T-shirt, to make it a staple of your own, a representative of your personality and uniqueness. Through the years, we have seen so many creations that we are amazed at. Let your work of art be the next great one! The coolness is contagious especially through fashion afterall.




Epic pics taken – This is guaranteed
There is no better place for you to take the most epic, bizarre (in a good way) and unique pics than Color Me Run, we can guarantee you that. With many photo booths and backdrops, and YES, also lots and lots of color of all forms in the air, there is no photo like the other even when they are taken at the same background. You can take photos by your own, and then feel the excitement of scanning through the photos taken by the event’s professional photographers to find yourself and your friends living out your moments together once you’re home. Imagine that. How cool is it? 



Stay active, but still super fun
After Color Me Run, you will definitely re-think the idea that leading an active life is boring, although good. It will become both good and fun. Taking part in the activities at the main event site and later on endeavour in the colorful journey of 5KM, you will be so proud of yourself at the end of the day for participating in such fun and still so healthy things like that. 



Friends, loves or a lot of…new friends
Color Me Run is fun, great and yep, super duper cool. So people also get super duper excited while joining the festival, especailly being around their friends. And you will be so too, because at Color Me Run, everyone is friend with everyone. So if you are going to Color Me Run on your own, be assured that you will meet tons of like-minded people and make great friends going home. That is the thing about Color Me Run, it just brings everyone closer together so easily and naturally that way.
And expect also a very interesting “god” there: Cupid. Thousands of our participants have fell under his spell while joining Color Me Run. People walked in Color Me Run single and walked out finding their love. So, if you are available in the daring pool, you might encounter Cupid at some point and poof, get no longer available. Who knows?

So, be prepared to hear loads of laughters and jokes all around you, and of course, be prepared that you will make tons of laughters and joke yourself, too. 


So, arm yourself with the excitement, the hunger for cool experiences, and the young spirit in you, and join Color Me Run ASAP! Register now. And don’t fỏget to follow us on Facebook and instagram, and also subscribe to our newsletter, so you can be the first to know about the insider tips and the latest announcements. See you soon folks!




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